We all may have heard of the online stores which have plenty of high quality products with reasonable prices but are unable to sell them only because nobody see their store. It really doesn’t matter if the website is running for ages and has all the SEO tricks. That’s all about being seen and if you are one of those businesses who don’t get expected revenue through their online channel, read this to the end because you are definitely missing some important points.

Imagine a user is surfing the web to buy a product. He will use Google or another search engine, searches for the keyword and then tries to find the most descriptive and closest result in the first page of the results. But what if he can’t find what he is looking for in first page? The answer is: it is unlikely to go to second page and prefer to change the keyword so get different matches! And if your business is one of those who is not in the first page or your presence is not effective enough to catch the user’s eye, then you lose money!

Where is the problem?

Bringing traffic to a brand new or existing web site is not all about how well it’s been done or whether has been equipped with latest built-in SEO techniques. The way that business advertise, is another important factor which plays a vital role in online world. Even if giant search engines like Google and Bing find the contents interesting enough to give them a reasonable ranking among other competitors and place the link somewhere in first page of their search results, it is still required to use proper marketing materials to win the click race. For any type of businesses who has online presence, there are two main steps to get proper traffic: First, Being displayed in top search results and choosing proper advertising materials to get the click as the second.

Where to Start?

There are many different questions needed to be answered to be able to outline the advertising strategy. Ask these questions:

  • Who are the target users? Business or Individual? Which age category? What sex? Does relationship status matter?
  • Where the business is going to sell the products/services? A local retailer who only sells to local residents in same suburb or surroundings or an exporter who exports to worldwide?
  • What type of Ad material can transfer the idea effectively? Text only, Graphic, Animation, Video? Which one the target users are more interested in?
  • Are mobile users targeted?
  • Where potential clients are in the web? Which forum or blog it is more likely to find them in? Are they hanging around in particular web sites?

These are only a few from the check list which not only changes the advertising strategy but also has a huge impact on advertising costs. For instance, for an IT company which provides network and infrastructure maintenance services to other businesses in same city, there are less competition in comparisons with the one that does inter-state support and as result when it comes to bidding time to get the top ranking in search results, they are likely to spend lower amount of money (This is how CPC works which we will get to that later) as result of lower competition.

What is Next?

By creating the Ad material in any form of text or graphic and answering such questions as above, then it is much easier to pick the advertisement platform and create it via existing marketing channels. The good point at this stage is that the basic concepts are common among all providers and the only difference is of how effective they can promote the advertisement. Depending on how much budget has been planned for advertising, one or more channels from below could be picked:

  • Email & Newsletter
  • Classified Listings
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing

I will write more about each of these channels in future posts as they need full explanation of how to be implemented. Never forget that online advertising can suck money in fraction of second if being done without enough knowledge. Always seek for an expert advice!

How to Choose Correct Online Advertising Strategy?
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