Number of Facebook pages is a mystery and Facebook has never revealed how many pages are actively running. However, according to InsideFacebook, in April 2012, there were more than 42 million pages created and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, announced to the investors that 4 million business are currently using Facebook.

Since the number of pages are growing fast, Facebook has updated its platform to provide more features to businesses and so has made that an flexible tool for branding and networking. If couple of years ago being on Facebook was a “nice thing to have”, it is now a must! But not all of these businesses get much attention. Some are able to quickly build up their networks but fail to grow after that. While many others, are struggling to even get the very first likes!

Business Facebook Page

Obviously, not all businesses have same nature and depending of their audiences and type of services that they are providing, size of their networks will vary. As an example, a finance company, giving home loan consultation, is more likely to be followed than a law farm which only provides legal advises to businesses.

Regardless of the network size, it is important to keep the connection alive and always feed the followers with something that encourage them to share the contents and engage in activities. However, that’s where most of the businesses – particularly small businesses – fail to act effectively and as result, they lose their fans or get hidden from their feed list!

This is the biggest challenge  for every business in social networks and I’ve always been asked these type of questions by business owners:

  • We have hundreds of fans but nobody like our posts!
  • We see drop in our fan numbers, while we are very active by posting and sharing stuffs.
  • Why our network doesn’t grow up?
  • None of our fans has ever bought anything from us!

To answer these type of questions, I’ve summarized some important factors I experienced:

  1. Invest enough time:

    Many business owners just setup the Facebook page, update the profile with basic information and continue with publishing regular posts about their services or products! This is not enough! More time must be spent and there should be a plan showing from A to Z of your goal of running a business page. If your plan is only about awareness, then you need to revise your plan! If you are one of those people who run the businesses alone, have the passion and knowledge but not enough time for these type of things, then get someone to do that for you! Spend time to read all comments and see what you can reply to your fans to show them you care about their opinions.

  2. Avoid being boring:

    Even if you are doing a business which always has to deal with serious things or required high level academic knowledge, don’t ever post it directly to your Facebook page. Avoid posting regular status updates. Change your ideas into something that others like. Always remember that the original intention of Facebook – and similar social networks – had been sharing personal interests and having fun! If you can make joke of your ideas, create videos or images for them, just do it! be creative! Do not post on regular time basis. Surprise them and learn how you can engage them.

  3. Share useful content:

    What you like to share is not necessarily what your fans want to hear! Think of the reason your fans have liked you and why they are following you. What sort of problems you can solve for them and then make contents around that subject. If unable to find something to talk about, then you need to review your business strategy! Why? because you’ll only be paid if you can sort out someone’s problem! A robust content strategy can help you here by telling you which direction you should move. Also, following previous contents that you have posted and the statistics that Facebook gives you, is great help to understand in which areas you have been more successful. Find the posts with highest reach and engagement and try it multiple times until you find your fans taste.

In top of all I said above, being passionate about what you are doing and believing in your thoughts, is a key! If you do so, then you can create amazing networks with thousands of fans who reply to your posts, write comments, share your contents and mostly important, turn into a real buyer!

Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing?

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